Testimonies of the Water Project in Lesbos 2019


Today we wanted to give a voice to a small sample of the PROEMAID volunteers who are or have been in Lesbos this year in the Water Project 2019.

They are teams that rotate every 15 days and who live intensely what it is to change a life and see how it goes from fear to the sea, from trauma, to trust and laughter. Barriers such as language, culture or any other are undone and change the life of who helps, as well as who is helped.

That is how they have lived their experience.


Fátima y Cristina. Proyecto Agua Lesbos

“There is nothing more exciting than something you do or live the first time … The woman I help is 41 years old and she bathes for the first time at sea, her face reflects emotion, excitement and fear.
Hold my hand tight and although it gives way, it trembles with fear. While I teach him the first lesson with laughter, a thousand ideas come to mind, what will be his story, what will happen to get here, how will his life have been and is, …. and without remedy, because you hardly take us a few years, I compare your life with mine and I think that it is different and it has been my life and yours ….
She is Afghan, she has 4 children and she is a refugee, she waits in a camp in Lesbos, that a country gives her asylum and there she starts a new life with her family. When I’m in the water with her, I watch her try to float in the water and I think … Right now she is enjoying this moment so much, that neither the past nor the future torments her, for one hour the project water the free act.
At the end of the class she embraces me gratefully and tells me that she will return on Monday. Without understanding the language, our hearts come together and are filled with so many emotions that it is difficult to express.
Thanks Project Agua for so much !!! “

Cristina, PROEMAID volunteer

Without barriers

Proyecto Agua Lesbos sin barreras

“He is our friend, who recently told you that he came to the beach to see the swimming lessons and that he could not participate due to his cerebral palsy.

Now we want to tell you that he finally dared to get in the water with us and enjoyed, as anyone, the water and surrounded by good people.

PROEMAID and the Agua project continue treating it as any person, giving it the dignity it deserves. Because this is the Water Project, a project without barriers. “

Concha, PROEMAID volunteer

The "Big Brother"

Big Brother Proyecto Agua 2019

“My friend:

He is an Afghan boy of 6 years, who lives in Lesbos with his parents and a ‘Big Brother’ as he calls him.
Every day, he goes down with his backpack to give his swimming lessons with the illusion of any child of that age, with the difference that he is in a place that is not his home, and without knowing very well why.
It grabs your hand as you walk towards the beach, and you feel like it does as a token of gratitude to my work with him.
I can not stop thinking every time I look at him, why he has to live that childhood the way he is doing it.Does a child have the guilt of anything?Tomorrow will be my last day of classes with him, and I will enjoy playing the ball and learning to swim as I have done in these 15 days.I wish you the best, champion. “Dani, PROEMAID volunteer

Women, great protagonists in the Water Project

Mujeres Proyecto Agua Lesbos