Mediterranean project

PROEM-AID project that brings together all the humanitarian actions carried out by this non-profit association, made up of professionals from voluntary and voluntary emergencies, prevents the loss of life in the Mediterranean.

Alan Kurdi

Proem-Aid and Sea-Eye are united in this collaborative project with which it is intended to strengthen the independent rescue device in the Central Mediterranean.

The daily loss of life and the logistical and bureaucratic difficulties found a way out in the union of efforts of our two associations to alleviate the situation that is reproduced every day, given that thousands of people try to escape from a terrifying situation.

This union has meant to have the Alan Kurdi ship in the Mediterranean, doing what a ship with its name can do best: save lives.


In 2016, the Life Line project arises in which ProemAID collaborates with SeaWatch in the face of what we understood as a humanitarian emergency that affected thousands of people. And thousands of people counted the lost lives of those who tried to escape from a terrifying situation every day. The Mediterranean swallowed them while the helplessness of maritime rescue professionals grew.

This alliance was a positive balance in the form of lives saved in the Mediterranean.

Help us to go on saving lives