What is the Water Project?

The Water Project began in 2016 and has as its main objective that people who have lived a traumatic experience fleeing conflicts by sea lose their fear of water, a medium that has been very hostile to them and they have a negative memory in most cases.

Many of these people had never seen the sea before and their first contact with him was at night, in a boat crowded with people, not knowing how to swim, wet and cold, seeing the panic faces of their travel companions when the crossing took place. complicated or when the sea swallowed some of his relatives.

The origin of the project

Feel child again

In summer 2016, arrivals decreased after the agreement that the European Union signed with Turkey.

It is in March of that same year that we began to look at the drawings made by the children of the Pikpa refugee camp (Lesbos). We realized that they drew the sea as something dark, with corpses, a place where fear felt …

Lurna, an 11-year-old Iraqi girl who lost her mother on the cruise, didn’t even want to see the water and cried just by approaching the shore.

After a while in the Water Project, he was able to jump from the shoulders of a Proem-Aid volunteer doing a somersault and showing us which project worked.

For that reason we continue with the Water Project during the summer. On the island the children asked us to take them to swim:

– “Spain, Spain! When are we going to the beach?”, They asked us every day.

This is the ‘Marca España’ of which we are proud.

Water Project in Lesbos

We are working on the Water Project in Lesbos to be able to carry it on for another year.

In 2018 we had a lot of demand from organizations that handle refugees and we went from having 20 children to classes with more than 200 people, including children, teenagers, women, men and people with disabilities.

It will begin on June 15 and we will be on the island until September 15.

From February 2019 the Water Project is also developed in Seville.

It started with the Casa Jana shelter, belonging to Berakah Space and later, the Association Hugs Me.

The classes, which are held once a week in a heated pool, get these people who have experienced traumatic situations, get out of their routine, relate, disconnect, lose their fear of water and reconcile with it.

The base is around games, learning to swim, and normalizing a situation that reminds them of what they have experienced.

Water Project in Seville

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