Once upon a time, Arnau


Arnau was not small, but he was not big yet. He lived in his neighborhood, in a beautiful city and had many friends who loved him. Arnau went for a walk, played, was with his family and was happy but one day watching TV he found out: not all people lived like him.

He asked his mother many questions and learned that the world was not like his neighborhood: there were wars, which are like fights, but among many people, it is a lot of harm, because adults when they fight are worse than children.

But not all people wanted to fight, those who did not want to have to leave where the war was, their neighborhoods, their school and their homes. Many to escape, came to the sea and sometimes died there, because nobody found them: children like him, girls like his friends at school, like those in the park, dads and moms …

dibujo de niños ahogándose en el mar

Mom, I want to help you

Arnau’s mother was very smart and explained that besides people fighting, there were people who helped those who did not want to fight and had to escape.

He called the people who helped those who were lost at sea and told them:

     – “Arnau is going to help you.”

Llaveros hechos por Arnau para ayudar a proemaid
Arnau colabora con proemaid

Although this is just a story, Arnau is a real eleven-year-old boy, and he has already made two precious key chains with which he raises funds for PROEMAID.

A small hero who saves lives in the Aegean and the Mediterranean from his neighborhood.

Thanks Arnau, never change.