February 25, 2019


I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave is not who does not feel fear, but who conquers that fear. ”

Nelson Mandela

Follow the mission of Proemaid with Sea-Eye aboard Alan Kurdi in the SAR area in the Mediterranean. We are the only rescue team in the area. After a few days of sailing our partner Sebas sent us the report of these last days.

Cubierta del barco
oteando el horizonte

They have been complicated days. A few hours after arriving at the SAR area, we found a big storm that approached us from the north to settle in the area throughout the weekend.

For this reason, we were forced to seek refuge on the coasts of Tunisia, specifically before the port of Sfax. Had we not done this, we would have endangered the ship, the mission even to ourselves.

After several days waiting for the storm to subside, we faced the possibility of returning directly to the port of Palma without returning to the SAR zone.

Tormenta azotando

For us it would have been disappointment. Although this decision was due to meteorological and security factors, we felt that we were leaving without fulfilling the mission at all.

Finally, after several hours of deliberation, the decision was made to return to the SAR area. The weather conditions are the best. The conditions on board are not perfect either. But, given the current situation in the Mediterranean and with most of the NGO with their boats trapped in different ports in Europe, if we now turn back home there will be no one here to help.

So now, more determined than ever, we headed south towards the last phase of the mission.

Mar picada

It will take us about 22 hours to arrive. Once there, we plan to stay until Wednesday. The last days in the SAR area aboard this old freighter promise to be intense. The crew has it clear. To the best of our ability, we will give the best of each one of us.”