Daily on board, February 12, 2019.

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Fourth day on board. If today we had to define the day with a word, it would be simulations / simulations.

During the morning, we have got pieces for the RIB -Rapid Intervention Boat- 1, and it already works great. Herman uncovers himself as a great driver, who gives security to the kids.

In the clinic, after cleaning and ordering, it’s time to ask for what we believe is indispensable. This request is given to us “fable”, because on land, Proemaid has a team, Xisca and Shai, who have the virtue of saying yes.

Simulation in the morning of boat abandonment, and simulation in the afternoon with the RIB.

Today the positions have been defined in the maneuvers, we have worked the pass from one RIB to another, the manboard, move the “churros” -CENTIFLOAT- with the RIB, transfer an unwitting victim from the RIB to the ship, we simulated a “Dingui” with 10 people and their rescue, and finally, Proemaid has put a “touch of quality” explaining to the crew how to throw ropes.

At night, nothing better than a comforting dinner at Shai’s house, with local products. I think that Xisca and Shai have seen us ‘delgadikos’, because we left the dinner with kilos of macaroni and flour, that Xisca ong provides, envelopes of ham and a ‘sobrasada’ that Shai brings to the mission, as essential EPI ….

We go to sleep with the feeling of having been a day of resolution and progress.

As the A Team said, I love that things go well!