Daily on board, February 10, 2019.


On our third day aboard the Alan Kurdi and with the spirit well up after the excitement of knowing the father and Alan’s aunt during the re-baptism ceremony, we find an unexpected situation: the third generator has stopped working. Without it, it is not possible to set sail.
escobillas diario de abordo
la pieza diario de abordo

We are entrusted with the difficult mission of getting a generator brush from a German brand built in 1974 and that generates surprise when we show a sample to the sellers of the island.

The adventure lasts for hours and allows us to know the most famous industrial estates of the island.

We are accompanied by Julen, our young mechanic. He is of German nationality, tall and smiling. He follows us and observes how we talk to the locals always with a smile on his face and especially after having invited him to eat paella at a technical stop.

It turns out that for those fortunes of life and when everything seemed to be lost, we find, fortuitously, an old man named Matías who recognizes the piece and invites us to go to his workshop located in a small town on the outskirts of Palma. His workshop, small and ramshackle, runs his son and this, with the closeness and hospitality that characterizes the people of this island, also tries to help us …

diario de a bordo, el generador
diario de abordo Alan Kurdi Proemaid

Finally, after looking in an old cardboard box we find something that resembles what we are looking for but that does not turn out to be useful.

The game then has to wait at least one more day until the piece from Germany arrives. Despite that, the spirits do not decline and the arrival of Pablo, our fourth member of the proemaid team makes us feel that the family is growing and that we are getting closer and closer to fulfilling the mission.