Daily on board, February 13, 2019.

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As usual, this morning we got up with another request not easy to get. The most curious of all is that nothing seems to surprise us and at any request, strange as it is, we look between Coke and me and we say without hesitation, “count on it.”

So we left without knowing exactly where to go, to fulfill our new “impossible mission” accompanied by our German friend Paul, a medical student who hallucinates with the laughter that we release with the horribly bad jokes that we make in the car and that luckily not understands. I think that, in the end, our German colleagues are surprised by the sense of humor with which we take the situation, but at the same time we show a decisive mood. And we feel that nothing that depends on us will prevent us from sailing. We are here, now and we are going to achieve it.

Our colleague Teresa, a nurse on the ship’s medical team, has had the great task of collecting all the necessary sanitary material for the mission. There is still some medication to be obtained and we are waiting for the hospital of Sant Llatzer to provide it. Our partner Pablo has become a true expert in making human chains carrying supplies and has left the skin ordering the forecastle.

Today has been a day of provisioning, everything has to be ready to depart, food, water and medicines … we even have a guitar. But it has also been a day full of meaning since we have received the visit of Alan’s father and aunt, this time without as much expectation as the day of the launch, so we were able to have a coffee with them and have a chat more intimate.

Talking with them, hearing their history and sharing their suffering affirms us in our conviction that we are doing the right thing. It makes us think of all the stories like those of Alan and his family that have been and continue to be silenced. Whether on the coasts of Turkey or in the Mediterranean waters. Where hundreds of people are treated as mere numbers in one more statistic. And where we feel we must be active and supportive.

After his visit, which has served us to make a small stop in our chores and with the spirit well above, we resume the tasks. Everything is ready, we have achieved almost every one of the things that they have asked us and after dinner we take advantage to release our new guitar. It turns out that Cris, one of our cooks, is also a good singer, so we started to select and sing the songs that the rest of the crew asks of us. Who knows, with a little trial and time, maybe we could organize a concert on board.

Each day that passes, the bonds between the crew become closer and the bond between the ones and the others becomes stronger and stronger. This began as a group of strangers, but day by day we feel that it is becoming a united team, which will give the maximum in the mission that we have committed to carry out. Everyone puts their part so that a certain harmony reigns. This is more than necessary for things to work during the entire time we are at sea. So we can say that being part of this crew, solve day after day all the problems that arise, no matter how complicated they seem, makes us feel every day more proud than the previous one.