The news is everywhere: Oscar of 25 years drowned trying to save his daughter Valeria of less than two years, dragged by the water of the Rio Grande, they were forced to cross to survive.

Again images and sadness go back to the world through media and networks.
Return to our retinas the image of Alan Kurdi on the beach, followed by many others, most without a name, who die unnecessarily. And that visceral fury returns to feel the injustice of the death of that child, so difficult to explain, but so human.

Years ago we turned sadness and indignation into determination. It was the #basta that gave rise to what today is @proemaid we could not continue to be impassive witnesses of deaths that could have been avoided.

Basta. No más muertes. Proemaid

Everyone knows that it has not been an easy road, and that the shadow of the criminalization of humanitarian aid has been and is the threat of conscience.

But when thousands of anonymous people continue to plant the grave in which our seas and migratory routes have become, human rights leave no room for fear of a trial, when you know that #salvarLidasNoEsDelito because it may not be normal for us to let someone else die

Our support to the German NGO @ Sea-Watch with which we have shared #missions a few years ago, and that are now at that crossroads, taking the only possible decision: save the lives of the 42 people rescued while being blocked by the Italian authorities Unable to reach port.

Our solidarity also with @ProactivaOpenArms who have decided to resume rescue missions in the # Mediterranean Central.

In @proemaid we continue #CondenadosASalvarLidas so that you do not miss #NiUnaMas