What is the AitaMari Project?

Proem-Aid and the Humanitarian Maritime Rescue Association (SMH in Spanish), as a result of the collaboration between the two associations, are starting the #MAYDAYTERRANEO Aitamari Project in order to reinforce the tasks of independent search and rescue in the Mediterranean.

SMH and Proem-Aid have noticed that our joint-efforts are the best way to try to charter a boat to reinforce the dangerous and dramatic situation which is repeating every day between the Libyan and European coasts given that thousands of people try to get away from a terrifying situation every day and unfortunately the number of deaths is increasing day by day due to the indifference of the authorities.

After working jointly for months, we feel confident that this partnership is able to achieve a new rescue boat in that sea which claims 3000 human lives so far this year and not counting those who were missed, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Persons deceased in the Mediterranean per year







Number of deaths in the Mediterranean according to the International Organization for Migration and Acnur

*Data up to November 2017

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